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Google Calendar Sync 0.9

It is a useful calendar with many customizable features and a nice interface
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Though we have a lot of calendar programs on the market nowadays this Calendar is rather a nice thing. Moreover it has many customizable features. You create events and appointments and look them through, choose the type of the upcoming events reminders (pop-up or e-mail). Also you can create several calendars and look them all through at the same time. And that is very useful, one calendar, for example, is for entertainment and another one is for office or university. You can also add the calendar of your friend here, add invitations and search events in public calendars. The weather forecast is also available with this calendar. Moreover Google Sync Calendar 0.9 has really a nice interface and is easy to use. The Calendar itself has several variants of the interface: you may look through the events of only a day, the events of a week, a month and four days. Also you can put something to the agenda of any day with this calendar. And don't forget that you can synchronize all the events of Google calendar with Microsoft Outlook. You can do it in three different ways: synchronize both your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook events with each other, synchronize only Google Calendar events with Microsoft Outlook Calendar and vice verse. The only thing you can not change is the color of the calendar. The Calendar is useful, but it works not really fine, some appointments do not synchronize with Microsoft outlook and the reminders appear not always.

jane Mytnik
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  • Many customizable features, easy interface


  • Not absolute synchronization with Microsoft outlook, disability to change the color
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